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Why does a USAJOBS resume require a specific approach?

Some people believe that writing a good resume means using a proper style, formatting, and structure. You also need to present a brief story about yourself which will highlight your skills and work experience. That’s the whole secret of a successful resume that you can apply for any job position.

Indeed, this approach will help you to create a resume that will be suitable for most job positions. However, if you need one of the USA federal jobs, this method might not work that well. On the contrary, if you send a standard resume for a government job, there is a high chance that it will not even be reviewed.  

Writing a federal job resume requires not only specific structure and organization which differ from standard ones, but also the usage of specific terminology. And that is only a tip of an iceberg which is in plain sight. There are so many less visible, but not less significant details that should be included in a government resume.

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