The Best Cover Letter Writing Service

A top-ranking cover letter writing service

We have a large team of well-educated and experienced writers. Some of them work full-time at ResumeNow, others have a part-time job and continue working as recruiters for other companies. That is one of the main reasons why a professional cover letter that we provide is credible. We do not hire copywriters or freelancers who have no academic background. A job cover letter is responsible work, and we can rely only on true professionals.

Cover Letters Should Always be Attached

The importance of a cover letter is often underestimated. Some candidates believe that writing a cover letter is less significant than resume or CV.  However, according to our experts’ researches, in some cases, a cover letter can motivate an employer to hire a candidate even more than a well-organized resume. Even a cover letter heading can thrust you into the spotlight and attract an employer. That’s why you should not forget to add this piece of a story about you to a resume. However, writing a good cover letter is not a piece of cake. It has to be catchy, not too short and too long. To satisfy all these goals, we have a team of creative experts who will not simply make a generic cover letter for you but will use your experience to turn it into a success story.

Full Package or a Single Cover Letter Service

On ResumeNow, you can order either a full pack service or solely one part, for instance, a cover letter outline. Depending on your field of work, we will assign a cover letter writer who has the most extensive experience required for writing a good cover letter for your position. We are not the company which makes a general cover letter for resume. We use an individual approach to every customer to turn an ordinary resume into an attractive and professional life story.

The full package of the services we provide includes the following:

  • • a customer service cover letter
  • • a teacher cover letter
  • • an administrative assistant cover letter
  • • an engineering cover letter
  • • a nursing cover letter
  • • a graphic design cover letter
  • • an email cover letter
  • • an IT cover letter
  • • a cover letter for internship